Toe deformities

Toe deformities are one of the most common types of foot problem seen. Abnormally shaped toes can give rise to a wide range of problems such as corns, callus, blisters and even ulceration.

Causes of Toe deformities

There are many different cause of toe deformities. Broadly speaking they can be classified into two groups; congenital i.e. you are born with the condition and acquired i.e. they develop because of some other reason e.g. injury. Toe deformities can develop because of:
• Trauma / injury
Flat feet leading to abnormal pull of tendons
• Arthritis damaging the toe joints / tendons
• Neurological conditions

Understanding the type of toe deformity present is important as it will help determine the cause, the best treatment and how successful the treatment might be. Common types of toe deformity include:
• Claw toe
• Mallet toe
• Retracted toe

Making the Diagnosis

The consultant will need to examine your feet to determine the cause of the toe deformity and identify the exact cause. It is important that the structures involved (for example tendons, ligament) are assessed properly. You will be examined both sitting and standing so as to assess the effects of the foot and leg muscles on your toe position.


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