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Frequently asked questions

When is this surgery?

Surgery is indicated where there is pain from the toe deformity which is not releived by wearing the correct sized shoes or simple padding. Typically these types of toe problems get worse with time.

How is the procedure carried out?

The operation is actually quite straight-forward when performed by an experienced surgeon. A cut is made over the top of the deformed toe, sometimes the tendon is lengthened. Once the soft tissues have been released the next step is to realign the bone. The operation takes no more than about 45 minutes to complete and may be performed with the patient awak or asleep.

Do I have to have a leg cast after surgery?

No, nowadays for most patients a leg cast is not necessary as the fixation used to hold the bones in place is very strong and the big toe joint fusion should heal without any problems. Patients are provided with crutches and wear a surgical shoe for four to six weeks after surgery.

How successful is the operation?

This operation is very successful in correcting the toe position which in turn reduces the prominences which can rub on shoes.

Will my walking be affected by the operation?

We hope your foot pain will be significantly less after this type of surgery. To help reduce the risk of recurrence we typically use a wire through the toe, to maintain the corrected position, for a few weeks after surgery. Once the wire is removed you should be able to begin a return to your normal activities.

What are the alternative treatments?

In truth once a toe begins to drift out of position it tends to deteriorate over time. Conservative options involve wearing deeper shoes and padding around the toe.