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Self-Pay Fixed Price Packages Offering Same High Quality Care at Exceptional All-Inclusive Value

For those without private health insurance, Chingford Foot & Ankle Centre offers self-pay patients a wide range of fixed price packages for their surgery.  Our competitive packages offer total peace of mind and ensure you know exactly what your surgery will cost in advance. 


The Chingford Foot & Ankle Centre is based in North London and is a fully CQC accredited facility offering Day Case foot surgery under local anaesthetic.

In addition to the usual inclusive elements of self-pay packages,  we go even further by  including extras such as post-discharge outpatient treatments, take-home medications and prostheses (where applicable).  Click here to contact us by email

How do I find out more about whats's wrong with my feet and what the best treatment is?

Mr Metcalfe will need to see you in for consultation in one of his outpatient clinics to thoroughly assess your feet.  He will diagnose your foot problem and carefully explain what the treatment options are.  Having a consultation does not mean you will need surgery and in over half of cases an alternative option which doesn't involve an operation can be found.  

What if the procedure I need is not listed?

The prices illustrated above are just examples and all patients will receive, in writing, the cost for their planned procedure(s).  

Why are these costs so much lower than other major hospitals?

Chingford Foot & Ankle Centre is a small dedicated facility registered by the Care Quality Commission.  Because it is dedicated to providing foot operations and is a small independent unit we are able to pass these savings on to patients whilst providing the same high-quality care to our patients.  

Will there be any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges.  Whilst many hospitals charge extra for things like postoperative shoes, crutches and dressings, we include these in our package price.  We will detail everything before you come in for your procedure.

Who will perform my foot operation?

Mr Metcalfe will personally perform your foot operation.  Mr Metcalfe is one of the UK's leading Consultant Podiatric Surgeons.  He has performed over ten thousand procedures.   He has published extensively in many journal as has lectured both nationally and internationally.  See his list of publications and resume by clicking here.

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