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"The Proven Solution to Misaligned Feet"


As well as being a consultant podiatric surgeon, I'm also a proud dad of twin girls Carys & Phoebe.  Carys was born with flexible flat feet which as parents and an expert in this field I recognised straight-away.  I must have treated thousands of children with similar feet over the years, but it does feel different when it's your own child.   For many years Carys did well with custom orthoses to support her feet but as she grew older and more active she complained increasingly of her legs aching and sore feet. 


My wife and I discussed the possibility of her having the Hyprocure stent instead of orthotics around spring of this year (2019).  

Carys decided she wanted to go ahead with the procedure and on the first day of the summer holidays she has the Hyprocure stent fitted under local anaesthetic.  Although I have performed hundreds of these, lectured and published in the technique it was somewhat anxious as a dad all the same.  

I wanted the best for my daughter and we could see she was suffering more and more with her flat feet.  I knew that this was the least risky surgical option which had a good chance of success.

Ten minutes and the procedure was completed with a little 1cm incision glued together.  A check x-rays showed a good position of the stent and so her recovery begins.

This was new to me as normally patients go home to their parents and I see them weekly for follow-up.  How well she did, within one month Carys walked the entire coastal path down to Durdle Door beach and is seen in this video running up the shingle bank at Chesil beach.

I wanted to share this story because I'm often asked by patients what I would do if it were my child or my family member.  Well now you know, for flexible flat feet, if orthotics are not enough then I recommend considering the Hyprocure.  

Hyprocure is a minimally invasive technique to permanently correct flexible flat feet.  Mr Metcalfe is the UK's leading expert in the correction of flexible flat foot using this minimally invasive technique.  Hyprocure is recognised around the world as one of the best if not the best procedure of this type.  The procedure uses a small titanium stent to prevent over-pronation (flat feet).  

HyProCure relieves, and can even prevent, a variety of seemingly unrelated foot and body conditions by correcting a commonly unknown problem—misaligned feet.

Your feet at the interface between your body and the ground you walk on.  When they are misaligned, it can lead  to a chain reaction of misalignment in the foot itself and further up the body.  Over-pronation (foot mis-alignment) can affect the ankles, knees, hips and back.


This mis-alignment (over-pronation) can result in pain when standing, walking and running. The most common sign of misaligned feet is the inward rolling of the ankles, which is called Hyperpronation. However, misaligned feet can lead to a variety of other symptoms including, flat feet, foot pain, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, bunions and hammertoe.  

Mr Metcalfe has performed thousands of foot operations and is an internationally recognised expert in the use of Hyprocure for the treatment of flexible flat foot.  In addition to over twenty five years experience in managing foot problems Mr Metcalfe has also completed extensive postgraduate research in the field of this type of surgery for flexible flat foot.

To find out more and read of the many success stories click here.  Use the slide show below to see more pictures of how Hyprocure can improve foot alignment, reduce pain and improve function.

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