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3d scan
Computer designed
3D scanning technology
3d scanner
Flip flop diamante - black
Flip flop blue black
Orange and yellow marble
White sandal slider
Black slider sandal

Using the very latest in 3D scanning and computerised manufacture we are pleased to be able to offer bespoke foot orthoses in four different formats to meet even the most demanding patients needs.  Within each of these four categories every prescription is individually tailored to address the biomechanical imbalances identified.

  • Business shoe  

    • ​A slimmer device specifically designed to be comfortably accommodated into your own business shoe whilst still retaining orthotic control at both the hind foot and mid-foot.  We can tailor the prescription to your exact clinical requirements

  • Ladies dress shoe​​

    • These are ultra-slim orthoses which are specifically designed to be accommodated in a ladies dress style shoe where the shape of the shoe is more acutely tapered.  ​

  • Sports orthoses

    • High energy sports such as running, squash, tennis require devices which can provide dynamic stability in the most demanding of environments.  We select materials which can offer foot posture control in the toughest of environments.​

  • Sandal with built-in prescription orthotic

    • The latest in high-end printing technology has allowed our preferred lab to create these sandals with the orthotic prescription built-in. No more sticking insoles on top of sandals are using off-the-peg sandals with generic prescriptions.  These really are your orthoses built into the sandal iteself. ​

  • Flip flop

    • Just like our prescription sandals we can now provide flip flops which incorporate your very own orthotic prescription direct into the flip flop.  Foot posture control for the beach or poolside​

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